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Go Away Monster 3000

4.8 ( 768 ratings )
Разработчик Manuel Flores & Ian Prinssen

Monster Detection and Room Protection

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Go Away Monster is a simple scanning application designed for the love/hate relationship kids have with monsters. First it helps kids do a safety check for monsters before going to bed. Second, it helps kids find fun monsters when they arent scared.

Almost every parent has tried convincing a child that there are no monsters in a room at night, or that monsters dont exist. The Go Away Monster 3000 gives kids the ability to scan the room and see the monster status on the screen. Parental control settings (gear icon in the app), can be set for how often monsters can be found and even set safe times when NO monsters can be discovered.

During the day, kids love using the Go Away Monster 3000 to find monsters in any room, kitchen, cars, stores, and everywhere they have an iOS device. Once a monster is found, kids get a graphical view of the monster they found, and use the app to scare away the cute monster, or launch it safely back to Monster Land. We have had feedback from kids seeking out people and asking to check their house or car for monsters. But dont stop there. Go Away Monster is recommended for scanning more than homes and cars. Try it on pool areas, bathrooms, school lunchrooms, political rallies, and parent teacher nights. KIDS LOVE TO SCAN AND SEE WHICH MONSTER THEY FIND.

You or your child can play for an hour or just a few seconds. Your child can play as a fun game or as a monster detector to insure their safety at bedtime or any time they feel monsters may be threatening. Go Away Monster 3000 is for every iPhone, iTouch, and iPad owner with a kid.

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Features of Go Away Monster - 3000 v2.64f
- Still FREE!!!
- Re-compiled for iOS 11 compatibility

Features of Go Away Monster - 3000 v2.0f
- FREE!!!
- Re-written from scratch
- Parental controls now in the app (gear icon)

Features of Go Away Monster - 3000 v1.2
- New Monsters
- New sounds
- Corrected detector image

Features of Go Away Monster - 3000 v1.1
- New Monsters
- Monster names
- Changed default settings
- Updated info screen

Features of Go Away Monster - 3000 v1.0
- 12 Monsters that are found at random
- Fun sounds for scaring and launching the monster to Monster Land
- Set times that monsters can be found. This allows you to ensure a monster is not found at bed time.
- Parents control the frequency (probability) which monsters are found during safe times.
- Control the scan duration
- Control scare sound effects

NOTE: Parental Controls are now in the app itself. Click the gear icon on the right to set features.