Go Away Monster 3000 App Reviews

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Go Away Monster

No matter what time the settings I have never seen it find a monster..

Finally, a happy toddler

Some toddlers KNOW there's a monster in the closet (under the bed, down that dark hallway, etc.), no matter how many times mom & dad tell them there aren't any. Thank you from a mom with one of those toddlers. My child will only believe they're gone if she can "scare" one herself. Great app!

Twin mom

What an incredibly cute app. My 21 month old twins have no fear of monsters right now, but they love this app. They giggle everytime they get to launch or scare a monster. Love the app.

Ghost Busters!

My 5yr old and 2yr old love this. They go around the house, neighborhood, etc 'looking for' monsters. They laugh and tell people to be careful while they scan. Then they tell everyone that all is safe because they scared the monster or sent him home. We've only had the GAM 3000 for a couple days, but the kids ask for it repeatedly. I enjoy looking at the crazy 'monsters' myself.

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